Imperial Venice Surfaces

The Tile House - Authetic Allure

“Authentic Allure”

Venice surfaces are inspired by the history of Mediterranean floor decoration, developed and perfected in Italy ever since the 1500s. Focusing on a specific aesthetic and culture, we return to the historic “Venetian terrazzo”, interpreting it with more vibrant colours and new technologies applied to state-of-the-art porcelain stoneware.

Through four carefully chosen shades, Venice evokes exquisite blends of cements and marble chips, with their small irregularities and the attractive subtle variations in colour. The four colours are designed to be mixed and matched freely to create completely individual surface compositions.

The Venice collection’s large porcelain stoneware slabs enhance indoor architecture by providing the impression of single, seamless surfaces. A range of large modules for covering vast spaces, together with smaller, more convenient sizes, allows flexible, complex solutions.

Venice is a tough, durable surface; its elegant beauty derives from the union of memory and technology, fundamental characteristics for all public places where comfort and hospitality have to be conveyed.

The Déco decorative modules, created to evoke the ceramic tiles of the early 19th century, are an addition to the elegant “Sale e Pepe” surface of the Imperial Venice collection. The encounter between cultures generates ceramic “carpets” of spontaneous creativity and unique aesthetic value.


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