Venetian Terrazzo Tile Range

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The Venetian Terrazzo tile range has been produced and evolving in Italy since the 1500’s. The design is inspired by historic Mediterranean terrazzo floor decoration. This historic design is translated into a modern terrazzo tile. It has more vibrant colours and new technologies which result in a “state-of-the-art” porcelain stoneware.

Terrazzo Tile Characteristics

Consequently, the characteristics of the Venetian Terrazzo is a tough and durable surface due to its modern technology. In addition, its design has elegance and beauty, inspired by history. As a result, the design is a blend of cements and marble chips, and subtle colour variations.The terrazzo tile range comes in four colours; Bianco, Sale e Pepe, Grigio, and Nero. These colours are designed to be mixed and matched, to create unique compositions.

Large Slabs & Small Deco Tiles

In addition, the Venetian Terrazzo range comes in large floor slabs, regular sized tiles, and small detailed deco tiles. The large porcelain stoneware slabs give the impression of seamless surfaces. This enhances the sense of space and continuity. The large terrazzo slabs can be combined with smaller deco tiles, creating flexibility in design. The smaller déco terrazzo tiles are inspired by 19th century ceramic tiles. They can be used to create ceramic “carpets” or interesting patterned areas. Similarly, they can be used for decorative edge detailing on stairs or wall features.  These deco tiles create a unique design and moments of interest in big, open architectural spaces.

Architectural Spaces

In conclusion, this Venetian Terrazzo range is suitable for multiple applications and surfaces. The terrazzo slabs’ large size is beautifully shown off in vast, institutional or public spaces.  The tile slabs express confidence and comfort. Furthermore, when used in residential homes or corporate environments, the Venetian Terrazzo tile range gives a sense of luxurious functionality.


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