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Exclusive to tile house! New Courtyard Series; inspired by nature’s palettes


Exclusive to tile house! New Courtyard Series; inspired by nature’s palettes

Simpolos’ quest for excellence and Innovation as a company started in 1977. Renowned for offering a wide spectrum of elegantly designed and high-quality products, Simpolo takes pride in catering to a prestigious clientele with a Panache for providing newer solutions for everyday life.
Shades, Surfaces and Textures of Nature
The Courtyard collection is a phenomenal amalgamation of attractive surfaces that translates the beauty of the elements of Nature into its full glory through mesmerising shades, surfaces, and textures. This collection is curated to express the unparalleled architectural vision by allowing design freedom through its contemporary and classy charm. Full Bodied, vitrified tiles, aesthetically the courtyard collection is divided into two series: garden and soil.

Garden Collection

The Garden Collection seeks inspiration from the serene ambiance and beautiful hues found in a garden. Inspired by the pebbled walkway and varied shades of green fern, this collection offers six colours in two surfaces and two textures in 598x1198mm and 598x599mm.

Dune Texture

Do you remember the last time you walked on the stone pavings or natural bed of rock? Well, with the dune texture in your space, you will not have to go far to experience the same.

Grid Texture

Inspired from the natural pebbles, the Grid texture is a medium to bring the nature subtly onto your garden or patio walls.

Soil Collection

The many layers of soil emote beauty in their own unique ways through their appearance which is incorporated into the surface of the Soil Collection. These incredible surfaces express the nuances of soil through their seven shades, two surfaces, and two textures in the sizes of 598x1198mm and 598x598mm.

Soil Texture

Touching upon the roots of the Indian villages, where the mud flooring is done with the hands, the Soil texture brings that energy of every stroke created with human hands.

Brick Texture

The Brick texture captures the drama that the sunlight creates when it falls onto the brick wall. This texture will play along with the light and shadows in the most dynamic ways.

Added benefits of the Courtyard Series:

1. Liquid repellent

2. Stain resistant

3. Scratch resistant

4. Fire resistant

5. Resistant to UV rays

6. Impact Resistant

7. Frost resistant

The Courtyard Series offers many advantages and technological features that protect the surface from elements like water, oil, and grease. All these factors contribute to
environmental conditions like surface algae. Anti-algae surface is a ‘protect’ surface developed by Simpolo that prevents the growth of algae on any surface. It has anti-skid surface protection which is often rough, uncomfortable to touch, and difficult to keep clean and maintain. These finishes prevent people from falling, especially in wet areas. Full-body tiles are created by combining clay, feldspar, quartz, and silica at high temperatures to create goods with micro-protected particles. This procedure involves adding coloured grains to the base tile, which results in a uniform colour throughout the tile. the IM+ Technology, which prevents undesirable or harmful living organisms from remaining or growing and helps the product surface resist any liquid. You won’t have to spend much time maintaining this water-repellent and anti-bacterial surface made with “IM+,” which keeps you confident in your indoor safety. Liquid repellent, stain and scratch resistant, fire resistant, resistant to UV radiation, impact resistant, and frost resistant are all features of this technology. Due to the versatility of this beautiful series, it can be used both inside and outside. In residential and commercial projects. For more information on the Courtyard Series, please send us an email for one of our knowledgeable sales consultants to assist.


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